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The Official Home of Student Athletes


Developing the Fundamental Understanding and Skill Set of the Athlete.


Establishing a Sense of Pride and Obligation with the Student Athlete for His or Her Community and Society as a Whole.


Assisting the Student Athlete with Taking Ownership and Committing Themselves Through Higher Learning.


With this being the 20th Anniversary of Plays and Grades, Inc. the MLK California Classic All-Star Weekend is more significant this year. As this will be the last year where the game will consist of teams only from California.
For 2018, it has been confirmed that Louisiana and the Dallas- Fort Worth area will each field a team to play against two of the California All-Star Teams. The other Sectional Teams will play against one another until all eight major sections will be lined up against a team outside the Cali border.
The other states that the Cali-Classic Staff will be reaching out to are the following:
1. Florida
2. Georgia
3. Washington
4. Ohio
5. Michigan
6. Arizona
7. Nevada
With the additions beginning next year, the California Classic All-Star Football Weekend will be around for a many years to come.
$12 Presale for the All All-Star Games.
$35 Luncheon All-Star Banquet

(Parents/Guardians Only)

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Valley Mission MVP Winners

All-City / All-CIF Players

Sunset Six MVP Winners

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We are a Youth Athlete Case Management Organization that provides a variety of athletic, community and educational supports to help expand a student-athletes ceiling of learning. In our full scope we incorporate community and education into the student-athletes daily activity which enhances the individuals’ character, understanding of community participation and academic achievement.


We also help your student athlete establish a strict athletic regimen so they reach peak performance.


We use the power of community to bring all the athletes together to push each other to the top of their game.


We then provide you and your student athlete with all the resources the need to succeed in the classroom and their sport.


We help your child ignite the fire inside to truly master their educational and athletic performance.

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Committed on and off the field

Plays & Grades, Inc has been developing student athletes for over 10 years. We have produced some of the most talented high school players that have come out of the state of California.   Plays & Grades executives have been hard at work enhancing the program which seeks to increase the educational and professional enrichment of the student athlete.

P&G, views athletics as a positive means of engaging young people into healthful decision making that can lead to improved academic performance and professional development.  We train our student athletes to be committed to taking their game to the next level on and off the field.  

We recognize that athletes with an education have become corner stones and pillars in our communities nationwide. They have become prominent business men and women, scholars and even presidents and that makes the biggest difference. 

Our History

10 years and counting

Our student- athletes within the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Southern Section- CIF, PAG, Inc. alumni have flourished garnishing approximately 30-Valley Mission League MVP winners, 12-West Valley League MVP winners, 15-Sunset SixLeague MVP winner and, approximately 45 All-City and/or All-CIF players.

Equally impressive is that Plays and Grades, Inc is home of three of the top five LAUSD All-Time Leaders for Yards Rushed in a Season; Including the LAUSD All-Time Career Leader for Rushing Yards and Touchdowns Scored; Milton Knox.  

Milton is 1 of 20 PAG, Inc. alumni who ranked in the top 60 players in the nation at his/her position when leaving high school.

Just as impressive is the percentage of PAG athletes that further their athletic careers after graduation.   65% of PAG’s athletes have gone on to earn athletic scholarships in basketball, football baseball and track & field.